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7th International Meeting on Technology and Innovation for Persons with Disabilities

“Digital Accessibility”

São Paulo – 9th de november 2015
Immensità Space - Santana - São Paulo

In its seventh edition, the International Meeting on Technology and Innovation for Persons with Disabilities brings to the center of discussions a fundamental theme for inclusion, considering the dynamic and interactive society we live in: digital accessibility.

The world follows an exponential progress in the improvement of Information and Communication Technologies, allowing Internet to revolutionize human activities in all spheres: social, economic, political and personal. The benefits of this virtual environment represent a wide range of possibilities that goes from the purchase and sale of products, use of services (public and private), bank transactions, documents processing through digital signature, to the creation of new employment and income alternatives with the potential to socially and economically impact the country.

In this context, in order to persons with disabilities equally enjoy such benefits and mainly actively participate this process it is necessary that websites, portals, blogs and other online contents (both public and private) are developed in order to meet accessibilities standards and guidelines that, when properly adopted, allows full access to the internet content.

The International Seminar will present a broad view of the concept of digital accessibility, debating not only the legislation, standards and guidelines applicable to online contents, but also the positive impact of accessible websites in all sectors of society, discussing from its role in expanding the reach of public services and actions, governmental transparency, until the expressive increasing that it can bring to e-commerce and its supply chain.

Join us in this great event in favor of inclusion!