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7th International Meeting on Technology and Innovation for Persons with Disabilities

Seminar – “Digital Accessibility"

São Paulo – 9th November 2015
Mercure - Espaço Immensità - Santana

09h00 – Opening: “Digital Accessibility – A General Overview”
Why should a website be accessible? Which are the accessibilities parameters and protocols that must be followed for the development of online contents? How to validate the accessibility of a website?

10h30 – “Accessible Electronic Govern”
What the Brazilian legislation provides with regard to accessibility on governmental websites and portals? Which are the benefits of enhancing the reach of online public services for persons with disabilities? How the digital signature can facilitate and optimize processes?

14h00 – “Accessible E-commerce”
Which are the data of e-commerce in Brazil? What is the market share of accessible e-commerce at the national scenario? Which are the social and economic benefits of digital accessibility in commercial websites? Which are the challenges and potentialities?

15h30 – “Accessibility in Apps”
Which are the potentialities of digital accessibility for leisure and entertainment? How to include the person with disability into the area of games, social network and other digital alternatives of leisure? What has being developed in this area?

17h00 – 2015 Brazil WSA Award
Award ceremony to celebrate the winners of the Brazilian chapter of the World Summit Award, largest award ceremony of digital content, acknowledging the best solutions in terms of usability and accessibility.